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How to Crack Wifi Password (Working Method) 2023

How to crack the Wifi Password using a Working Method Most homes and offices have internet access today. This article is for those who want to know how to find the wifi password. These are the wifi passwords that we use to secure our internet network and stop others from entering it. They can be easily cracked if they’re not strong enough.

The fact that there are so many programs to crack wifi passwords on the market today makes it easier for you to crack passwords.

Even if we use a strong password, people with computer and internet knowledge and skills can easily crack it.

When our mobile internet package expires and we don’t have a wifi network at home, it may be necessary to crack our neighbor’s wifi password to gain access to their network.

We may want to crack the WiFi password of a neighbor we don’t like for adrenaline.

This article will explain how to crack the WiFi password for curious readers. We will answer this question to enlighten anyone who is curious.

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How to crack WiFi Password?

It is possible to crack passwords that are currently protected with WPA2-AES.

It is possible to crack the password of a wifi network using certain software programs.

We would like to remind everyone that cracking other people’s accounts is illegal.

You can still try these methods if you want to crack a password.

How to crack Wifi password with software

Some software makes it easier for people to crack passwords.

Kali Linux, which is one of the best-loved softwares, excels at this as well.

This software comes with tools that allow you to crack wireless passwords.

To use this software you must be familiar with CMD commands.

You can do many things by typing commands in the command line.

This software is available for download free of charge.

But we want to remind you, the software occupies a lot space.

Weighing over 3GB this software can slow down both your computer and internet.

You can easily download and install this software on your computers.

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Hacking Neighbor’s Türk Telekom Wifi Password

We can summarize your next steps after installing the program as follows.

  • To crack passwords you must first find an aircrak tool. The tool contains a variety of tools.
  • Once the tool is opened, type the command. airmon-ng Start wlan0 at the terminal.
  • You should immediately after typing in the command put your wireless network adapter into monitor mode.
  • You will be able to see the list of processes running when you enter this command.
  • Type the word “terminate” to end a process. Check kill with airmon-ng Command in the terminal.
  • The next step is to enter the Start airmon-ng wlan0 Command again
  • You will reach a certain stage. [email protected] Should say airmon-ng begin with wlon0.
  • To view the list, type airodumpng wlan0mon after this step.
  • You should then open a second terminal and continue the process.
  • Enter the new command in the terminal window.

Example: Let’s say the BSSID for the network that you are trying to crack is 15:D2:73:A5:53:61 The channel number is 7.

The command should be typed. airodump-ng -bssid 15:D2:73:A5:53:53:61 -C 7 -w /root/Desktop/Capture wlan0mon .

You will receive new information when you enter this command.

Please make a note of the values that are written below the PWR/RQX/Beacons columns. Next, we will need to use these values for the rest of the process.

Let’s suppose that the values of 74:E7;67:AC;D5:05 are assumed.

Sending fake authentication packets is the next step to breaking into the connection between a client and a wireless access point.

  • Open a new terminal and type the following command to send a fake packet of authentication. 15:D2:73:A5:53:61 -c 74:E7:67:AC:D5:05 wlan0mon.

We are given a list with fake authentication packets we can send when we enter this command.

Other words, we will send you a large number of fake packets.

We need to return to the window that we opened to airodump earlier to look at the packets of handshakes.

The dictionary list can be found in the file rockyou.txt.

  • You will need to run the aircrack software on a brand new terminal.
  • The commands Capture-01.cap, and Capture 02.cap should be typed.

Cracking a password can take up to 3-4 hours. The password has to be present in the dictionary in order for it to be cracked.

If your neighbor’s WiFi password isn’t in the dictionary, it might not be possible to hack into his password.

You can create a list of dictionaries yourself at this stage.

Using this software doesn’t always equate to being able to crack wifi passwords. This is the time to add some of your own knowledge and create a dictionary.

Cracking Wifi Passwords with Smartphone Applications

What is the answer to this question?Cracking the wifi password of a phoneYou can crack WiFi passwords with some smartphone apps, which are more user-friendly than Kali Linux.

Some password cracking processes can be completed within minutes.

These apps will list all wireless networks available in your area.

Select the network that you wish to crack the password for from the list.

Brute Force attack is one of the most popular and useful applications to crack wifi passwords at the moment.

Download Brute Forcer on your Windows-based computer or smartphone.

If you wish to use the APK version of this application on Android devices, then you can easily find it online.

You can use this application for a variety of purposes, including cracking passwords on Instagram and wifi. This software can be used to crack passwords on websites.

You need to understand these things in order to be successful.

Some wifi password crackers that you can download on your smartphone generate passwords by hand, while others attempt to detect weaknesses in the network.

Some of them may use a dictionary, but others will find vulnerabilities and gain access to the network.

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Best Android Wifi Password Cracking Programs

You can find the best wifi password cracking apps for Android smartphones below.

1-) WIBR+

This application creates passwords by itself to crack passwords of other networks.

It will also show you the passwords to the networks which you had previously connected your smartphone with but forgot.

You must root your phone first to be able to view the passwords you used to connect to networks.

It is impossible to perform this process without rooting.

2) Reaver for Android

This program is similar to the WIBR+ app, in that it creates passwords and searches for the correct password until one is found. It’s easy for Android users to download.

This program uses Brute force attack to crack wifi passwords.

You must be able to access the root of this application.

We recommend you learn to root first.

3) DSploit

DSploit, unlike the applications that crack wifi passwords, infiltrates a wireless network, and then breaks the password using security vulnerabilities found on the network.

This application allows you to control and view other devices that are connected to the modem, whose password was cracked.

WPS Connect

The 4th most effective Android app for cracking wifi passwords on our list is compatible with Android devices that have root access.

This application helps you identify vulnerable wifi networks. The application lists all of these networks.

You can find out which WiFi network is the easiest to break.

You can also use the application to get detailed information on your network security.

5) WIFI Warden

Like many other wifi password crackers on the market, this application is the last one in our list. It tries WPS wins, one after another, to crack the password for the network that needs to be decrypted.

It is a brute-force attack.

This app also provides information about encryption and security for wifi networks.

Best IOS Wifi Password Cracking Programs

You can summarise the best programs to crack wifi passwords on IOS as follows:

Free Internet Finder WI-FI

Download this program to your Iphone device with IOS. The program will crack wifi networks using different passwords.

This program cracks wifi passwords from over 2,000,000 passwords.


This app shows all wifi networks around you that you can connect to. It will also guide you on how to connect to them and crack their passwords.

Find the password for your router and WI-FI

This program, designed specifically for iPhones and IPADs, tries different passwords to crack the passwords on the networks surrounding you.

Windows Best Wifi Cracker Software

You can find the best programs to crack wifi passwords on Windows devices below:

This hacking software, which is one of the most popular, was named after Cain, Abel and Adam, the children of Adam.

This software uses multiple methods to crack a wifi password.

This includes cryptanalysis and dictionary attacks.

Professionals, such as security consultants, are the most likely to use this software.

We can conclude that the use of this software requires a high level of professionalism.

Nikto is another professional wifi password cracker that can be downloaded on computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is a hacking tool and open-source browser that requires professional knowledge.

This software includes the Kali Linux Command Line. You can also use commands with the program.

Download the regular version, which includes both the professional and regular versions of this software.

To use the professional edition, you will need to pay a fee.

The application allows you to identify wireless networks that are vulnerable and weak, so you know which network to target.

Hackers use John The Ripper a free, open-source software.

The software that initially detected vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the UNIX Operating System can now be used on Windows devices.

Maltego is ranked fifth on our list. It aims to penetrate the wifi network through detecting weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

The free version is not as professional or effective as the two other versions.

Kiuwan is one of the most comprehensive software for cracking wifi passwords. It can be used with confidence to perform many tasks, including project editing, text-editing, code-editing, and debugging.

You can crack a network password with this program. It is frequently used by hackers.

Medusa uses the brute force method of attack.

OpenVas comes last in our list. This software can be run on Windows, Linux or UNIX computers.

This software works by detecting vulnerabilities in the network you are attacking and breaking wifi passwords.

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How can I secure my Wifi connection?

Take some precautions so that your neighbors and other people cannot easily crack your WiFi password.

You can summarize the steps you must take to secure your wifi password as follows:

  • Set the WPA2 encryption type in the modem’s interface.
  • Always create a strong wifi password. Use a strong password that includes lowercase, uppercase letters and special characters.
  • MAC filtering is enabled on your computer.

You can enable MAC Filtering in your wireless network settings.

Instead of selecting ‘Allow All Devices within the Wireless Network’, select ‘Allow Only Certain Devices within the Wireless Network’.

If hackers find your wifi password they can’t connect to your network, because you have blocked the device.

  • Change your password for the modem interface page.
  • Never share your password.

How to crack wifi password on a phone is explained in this article. What is the solution to cracking wifi passwords on a phone? We tried to answer all the questions.

Our readers will appreciate your suggestions and comments on our article.

How can I change my Wifi password?

Change your wireless password by going to the configuration section of your modem, typing your username and your password.

What is Red Light Modem?

Inability to connect to the internet is due to the IP connection not being available.

How long does the modem reset process take?

It takes approximately 10-15 seconds.

You can rate the article.

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