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Türk Telekom Number Portability Campaigns 2023

Türk Telekom Number Porting Campaigns 2023; People are attracted to number porting campaigns in these times when buying a new phone line is costly. Number porting campaigns are popular among people who wish to switch to another operator. Türk Telekom, one of the most popular GSM operators in our country and one of the GSM operators with the highest number of customers; It distributes beautiful gifts to both those who move their number, those who are Türk Telekom by purchasing a new line, and its existing customers with the campaigns it organizes.

Türk Telekom customers can easily transfer their numbers from another GSM operator to Türk Telekom at very affordable prices.

You can also convert your prepaid line to a postpaid tariff if you so wish.

In this article, we will try to clarify what is curious about the number porting campaigns for customers who are new to Türk Telekom and decide to become a Türk Telekom subscriber by choosing one of the number porting or new line establishment methods.

Turkcell Postpaid Line Migration Campaigns

Transition Campaigns to Türk Telekom

Those who are thinking of switching to Türk Telekom via number porting can subscribe to one of the different tariffs according to their needs and expectations and benefit from discounted prices.

These postpaid tariffs are summarized below in terms of their contents, prices, and rates.

Türk Telekom Brand New 3 Tariffs

When you apply for the tariff that includes 3GB of internet, 1000 minutes in all directions and 250 SMS, it is with a commitment of 24 months on the online platform. Türk Telekom’s official website, you only have to pay 29 TL for the first 3 months.

This tariff is available by paying 33 TL per month for the following 9 months, and 41 TL per month for the following 12 months.

In addition to your tariff, you will receive 5GB of free internet from Sil Süpür every billing period.

You can also use the application e-magazine to access unlimited internet.

If you wish to subscribe to the tariff without any obligation, you will have to pay 49.98 TRY for the first three months and then 53.98 TRY for the subsequent months.

Türk Telekom Brand New 6 Tariff

For this tariff which includes 6GB Internet, 1000 minutes one way and 250 sms, you only have to pay 32 TL in the first 3 month when you apply with an online commitment.

If you commit to online applications for the following 9 months, the cost is 37 TL and for the subsequent 12 months it’s 45 TL.

When you subscribe to this tariff, you will receive 5GB of free internet every month from Sil Süpür. Also, you get unlimited internet for emagazines.

You pay 53.07TL for your first three months of online application and 58.07TL for each subsequent month.

Türk Telekom Brand New 10 Tariff

When you subscribe to the Yepyeni 10 Tariff, one of the transition campaigns to Türk Telekom, with a commitment on the online platform, you pay 38 TL for the first 3 months, 44 TL for the next 9 months and 52 TL for the following 12 months.

Online applications without commitment require a payment of 59.22TL the first 3months and 65.22TL the next months.

This tariff includes 10GB of internet per month, 1000 minutes each way, and 250 SMS each way.

Within this tariff, you also earn 5GB internet from Sil Süpür every month.

Enjoy unlimited Internet usage for your eMagazine subscription.

Türk Telekom New Prime 15 Tariff

You will pay 47 TL per month for the first three months. Then, you’ll pay 55 TL each of the next nine months. And finally, 63 TL every 12 months.

You pay 77TL for your first 3 months of online application and 85TL for each subsequent month.

When you become a member of the new Prime 15 tariff, you will receive 5GB free internet from Sil Süpür every month and unlimited internet that you can use in e-magazines.

Türk Telekom Ramadan Free Internet Campaign

Türk Telekom New Prime 20 Tariff

The New Prime 20 Tariff, a special campaign for new customers who port their numbers to Türk Telekom, consists of 20GB internet, 1000 minutes to all directions and 250 sms to all directions.

When you transfer your number to Türk Telekom by subscribing to this tariff, you will receive a 5GB internet gift valid on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube platforms.

The e-magazine app gives you unlimited access to the internet.

If you choose to pay online, the cost is 55 TL in the first 3 month, 65 for the next 9 and 73 for the final 12 months.

You pay 95 TL per month for applications that do not require online commitment.

Türk Telekom Prime 15 Tariff

The Prime 15 tariff, which includes unlimited calls with Türk Telekom customers and unlimited messaging on Whatsapp, includes 1000 minutes in all directions, 250 sms in all directions and 15GB internet.

Those who choose to subscribe to this rate with a commitment by porting their number, establishing a new line or switching from pre-paid to post-paid lines pay 49TL for the initial 12 months. The next 12 months are charged at 57TL.

The monthly fee for those who choose to subscribe to the tariff but do not sign a contract is 79 TL.

Türk Telekom Prime 20 Tariff

Subscribers who purchase this tariff which includes 1000 minutes of calls to all destinations, 250 sms in all directions and up to 20GB of Internet, will also receive 5GB worth of internet free. This internet is valid for Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and Youtube.

When you subscribe to this tariff, which includes unlimited calls with Türk Telekom subscribers and unlimited Whatsapp messaging, you have to pay 59 TL for the first 12 months and 67 TL for the next 12 months.

Non-committed memberships cost 89 TL a month.

Türk Telekom Prime 30 Tariff

This tariff includes 30GB of mobile internet, 1,000 minutes each way and 25 sms both ways, giving subscribers 10GB free internet each month.

Use the 10GB internet for free on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

You can subscribe to this tariff, which allows you to send unlimited messages on Whatsapp and talk unlimitedly with other Türk Telekom subscribers, by paying 79 TL for the first 12 months and 87 TL for the next 12 months at committed prices.

You will be charged 109 TL a month for non-committed subscriptions.

Türk Telekom Prime 40 Tariff

According to this campaign, which is another Türk Telekom number porting campaign, when you subscribe to the Prime 40 tariff, which includes 40GB internet, 1000 minutes each way and 250 sms each way, you get unlimited internet valid on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube platforms.

You will have to pay 139 Tl per month for non-committed subscribers.

Türk Telekom Prepaid Packages and Tariffs

Transition Campaigns to Türk Telekom Prepaid

People who use a postpaid line and want to move their line to one of Türk Telekom postpaid lines, as well as those who subscribe to Türk Telekom or a different GSM operator who are considering moving their prepaid line to a Türk Telekom postpaid line, can benefit from the campaigns mentioned above.

Multiple tariffs are also waiting for those who want to move their number to a prepaid line rather than a Türk Telekom postpaid line.

The customer can select the best package for their needs and budget from a wide range of packages, including BOL Packages (Broadband on Line), Triple Packages (Triple + Dual Packages), Selfie Packages (Selfie Packages), Internet Packages (Internet Packages), Talk Packages (“Talk Packages”), Fan Packages (“Fan Packages”), Prepaid Wi-Fi Packages (“Prepaid Mobile WiFi Packages”).

Click on the link for detailed information about pre-paid tariffs and packages https://bireysel.turktelekom.com.tr/mobil/web/tarife-ve-paketler/sayfalar/tarifeler-faturasiz.aspx.

How to Number Port Türk Telekom?

When you want to port your number to Türk Telekom, you can go to the nearest Türk Telekom store or dealership. When requesting portability, you should bring your Turkish identity card or ID card.

To benefit from the privileges and discounts offered by online applications, you can make your application through Türk Telekom Online Transactions.

You can visit www.turktelekom.com.tr Use our online application.

You can also submit your online application via the link https://bireysel.turktelekom.com.tr/mobil/sayfalar/mobil-online-basvuru.aspx.

You can also call the 444 1 444 Call Center to get detailed information about Türk Telekom number porting and prepaid to postpaid campaigns and prices, and you can consult a customer representative about anything you are curious about.

How Many Days Does Türk Telekom Number Porting Take?

People who transfer their number to Türk Telekom can start using their new lines within a maximum of 4 days after their application.

It takes up to 4 days for the process of number porting.

If the request for number porting is rejected, applicants will be notified via SMS.

If your request to port your number is approved, you will receive a SMS notifying you that the line is open, ready to be used.

The message also contains information on the customer’s tariff.

After receiving the SMS, the customer can begin using the gift, sms minutes and Internet rights included in the tariff.

In this article, we tried to answer the questions about Türk Telekom number porting campaigns.

If you have recently moved your number to Türk Telekom or if you are planning to do so soon, you can write all your questions and opinions on the subject in the comments section of our article and share your suggestions with our valuable readers.

How can I port my Türk Telekom number?

To port your number, you can go to the nearest Türk Telekom Dealer and request porting.

How many days after porting my Türk Telekom number can I use the line?

The migration process can be completed in as little as 4 days.

What Are the New Line Prices in Dollars?

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