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Portable WIFI Internet Prices June 2023

Portable Wi-fi Internet Prices 2023; Internet is now a part of everyday life. Now, there are portable wifis available to ensure that internet is always accessible. With the portable wifi internet offered to customers by Türk Telekom, Vodafone and Turkcell, customers can now access the internet from their homes, workplaces, summer houses and all other living spaces.

Turkcell and Vodafone users can connect to the internet anywhere they are by connecting their Superbox or Redbox modems and carrying them with them.

Portable internet, a product that has recently attracted much attention, can be purchased at very affordable prices.

Redbox and Superbox are portable wifi solutions that you can use to connect to the internet from anywhere, whether you’re at home, your office, on vacation, or traveling.

We will attempt to answer all your questions regarding portable wifi internet pricing and try to provide some information.

Vodafone Portable Internet Redbox

Redbox portable WiFi internet is compatible with any 4.5G network. Vodafone’s Redbox offers its customers an internet experience of fiber-speed quality. It can be used at home or in the office.

Redbox allows you to access the Internet even if you don’t have internet infrastructure in your area.

Vodafone Superbox Plugging in the box to your balcony or terrace, as well as any room of your house with a power outlet will allow you to surf the web instantly.

When you apply for Vodafone Portable WiFi, you can expect your internet to be installed at your home in as little as 2 days. You won’t have to wait days for the installation.

You can enjoy the same privileges as Redbox subscribers when you subscribe to Vodafone Redbox. Redbox offers discounts on travel, dining, shopping and entertainment.

Vodafone TV’s Welcome Package is also included as a free gift with your Vodafone Redbox subscription. It is valid for 24 month.

Further, Vodafone Customer Service You can reach the customer representative quicker than other customers by calling.

Vodafone RedBox Portable Internet

Tariff Fee
RedBox 200 GB 4 G 121.90 TL
RedBox 250 GB 4G 162,70 TL
RedBox Unlimited 4.5G 15 Mbps 162,70 TL

Vodafone Portable Internet Price 2023

The price of Vodafone Redbox varies depending on the tariff that you subscribe to.

Redbox currently offers 3 different tariffs.

The Redbox pricing and tariffs can be explained in the following way:

  • Redbox Tariff Price:

You can get this package, which offers 200GB of 5G internet, for a low price of 121.90 Turkish Lira per month during the first twelve months.

If you have a 12-month contract and want to extend it for another 12, you will pay only 142.30 Turkish Liras for the remaining 12 months.

  • Redbox Tariff Price:

If you sign up for a Redbox 250 24-month contract, with a total 250GB internet at 5G speeds, you’ll pay 162.70 TL/month for the initial 12 months, and 183.10 for the subsequent 12 months.

  • Redbox Unlimited Tariff:

Redbox Unlimited offers unlimited internet and promises its subscribers a 15mbps experience with 4.5G speed.

If customers commit, they can enjoy the internet without quotas by paying only 162.70 TL in the first 12 month and only 183.10 for the next 12 months.

Vodafone Redbox subscribers can use the device to access the web from home, work, their hometowns, vacation homes and other locations, as long as they pay an additional fee of 30.6 TL each month.

Redbox customers must agree to pay a monthly fee of an additional 30.6 TL to access the Internet from locations other than their home where there is a electrical outlet.

Vodafone covers a large portion of the 500-TL withdrawal fee if the customer is a member of another GSM operator but has started a Redbox subscription.

Vodafone Portable Internet Supernet Cepte Wifi Tariff Prices

Vodafone Supernet cepte wi-fi is another mobile internet service that allows you to connect anywhere.

With the modem provided by the campaign, you can access the Internet from anywhere. Battery life for the mini modem is 6 hours. It allows you to connect at 150 mbps to the internet. After the six hours, you must charge your modem. You can connect to the internet and charge your modem wherever there is a power outlet.

Vodafone customers also prefer the pocket wifi rates because they are so affordable.

If you agree to a 12 month contract, you can subscribe to Supernet’s 5GB mobile WiFi tariff for only 39 TL/month. For the 10GB and 20GB tariffs, you will pay 49 TL/month.

Vodafone Supernet campaign for cepte wi-fi is an option to consider if you’re looking for a cheap portable internet service.

Turkcell Portable Internet Superbox

Superbox, Turkcell’s portable internet service, which is gaining in popularity, allows customers to access the Internet wherever they are carrying their Superbox box.

Superbox allows customers to access fiber-speed internet from any electrical outlet by plugging the device into it.

Superbox does not require any infrastructure. Users can connect to the internet anywhere, including their homes, offices, and hometowns.

Turkcell’s portable internet rates vary depending on the package and tariff subscribed to.

Package Name Kota Speed up Price
Superbox 150 GB Internet 4.5G The 150-GB-Bucks is a great way to get your hands on some extra cash. At 5G Speed 159,90TL
Superbox 200GB 4.5G internet Buy 200 GBP At 5G Speed 199,90TL
Superbox Opportunity 10 Mbps Internet* You can also find out more about Up to 10 Mbps 199.90 TL

Turkcell Portable Internet superbox package prices

Turkcell Superbox prices Also, the price varies depending on what package the customer belongs to.

Superbox portable internet can be listed as follows.

  • Superbox 150GB 4.5G portable internet package Price:

You can get this package for 159.90 TTL per month. It includes 150GB of internet at 5G speeds.

  • Superbox 200GB Portable Internet Package Price

You will pay 199.90 Turkish Lira per month for the 200GB package.

  • Superbox Opportunity 10Mbps Internet Package Price :

Superbox offers unlimited internet for only 199.90 Turkish Lira per month.

  • Superbox Opportunity 20Mbps Internet Package Price :

You will pay 299.90 TL a month for the Superbox 20 Mbps Unlimited package.

  • Superbox 15GB Internet Package Additional Price:

When a customer has a quota they can purchase a 15GB additional internet package at a cost of 20.40TL.

  • Superbox 5GB Internet Package Price:

In this campaign, also exclusive for Superbox users with quotas, customers can purchase an additional 20GB of internet for only 5.10 Turkish Lira.

Turkcell VINN portable internet prices 2023

Turkcell’s VINN device, which can be plugged into a computer, allows customers to connect to the internet anywhere.

Customers must be able to access the internet via a computer in order to use VINN portable WiFi.

The summer 4.5G WIFI campaign allows subscribers to benefit from the campaign in 12 or 24 month installments without signing any contract.

Customers who wish to receive VINN wi-fi service must pay the VINN device fee as well as the internet package fees together.

ViNN Portable Internet Package Price

  • Mobile wifi 50 GB: 129.90 TRY
  • Mobile wifi 100 GB : 169.90 TRY
  • Mobile wifi 200GB – 209.90 TL

VINN Portable Wifi Device Prices

Turkcell VINN Portable WiFi device prices vary based on the model purchased.

Currently, there are 3 devices. The following is a list of the device’s installment costs:

VINN Wifi (MW40V1);

Monthly payments of $20.7

You can pay 26 per month in 24 monthly installments.

In 12 monthly installments, 43.2 TL per Month

VINN Wifi (E5576);

If you pay 36 monthly installments at 14.6 dollars per month, that’s only $14.6 a month.

18 per month for 24 months.

30 TL per monthly installments

VINN Wifi Turbo (MW70VK);

24.1, per month, with 36 monthly payments

If you pay $30.6 per month in 24 installments, that’s $296.

Monthly installments of 51.5 TL

How much should Internet speed be? How fast should Internet be?

Turkcell portable mobile Wifi prices

Turkcell offers mobile WiFi service in addition to Superbox, VINN, and portable wifi services. This allows you to have internet wherever you are.

Turkcell portable wifi prices are listed below:

  • 4.5G Mobile Wifi 10 GB Package Prices:

Sign a 12-month agreement and you will be able to join this package with a payment of 49.90 TL per month.

If you wish to sign up for this package, but without any commitment, you will have to pay 96.89 Turkish Lira per month.

This campaign is only open to Turkcell customers who switched from Turkcell’s prepaid tariffs to its postpaid tariffs in the past 90 days.

  • 4.5G Mobile Wifi 20 GB Package Prices:

If you choose to subscribe with a contract you will pay 79.90 TL per month. If you do not have a commitment you will pay 132.59 TL per month.

Customers with Turkcell Individual Postpaid Lines can only benefit from this package.

  • Turkcell 50GB Mobile Wifi Package Prices:

Turkcell postpaid subscribers who wish to benefit from this campaign (another portable internet campaign for Turkcell customers) will have to pay 119.90 TTL per month as an annual subscription.

The monthly fee for those who wish to join the mobile wifi internet service without committing to a contract is 214.28 Turkish Liras.

  • Turkcell 4.5G mobile internet Wifi package prices:

If you choose to subscribe monthly, the cost is 265.18 TL.

  • Turkcell 4.5G mobile Wifi package prices:

If they sign a contract, postpaid customers can get this package that includes 200GB per month of internet for just 199.90 Turkish Lira per month.

Monthly subscriptions cost 316.18 Turkish Lira.

Only Turkcell postpaid individual customers are eligible for all of the mobile internet packages. Other GSM users, Turkcell corporate postpaid customers, Turkcell individual prepaid customers, etc. cannot benefit from the mobile wifi internet packages. Hazır Kart users; they cannot purchase mobile wifi packages.

Türk Telekom Portable Internet: Evimde Mobile Wifi Tariffs

With Türk Telekom’s portable internet ‘Evimde Mobil Wifi’, you can freely connect to the internet from your phones, tablets, televisions, in other words from multiple devices.

Access the Internet quickly and easily in multiple rooms and devices.

Choose from 10GB, 20, 50 or 100 GB packages.

Learn Wi-Fi password from your phone

Türk Telekom Evimde Mobil Wifi Prices

You can subscribe to Türk Telekom Evimde Mobil wifi tariffs with or without commitment.

Mobile Wifi Price at Home

  • Evimde Mobil Wifi – 10GB – 19 TL for commitment; 29 Tl without commitment
  • Evimde Mobil Wifi 30GB: 29.58 Tl with commitment, 39 Tl without commitment
  • Evimde Mobil Wifi: 64 TL if you commit, 84 Tl if you don’t.
  • Evimde Mobil Wifi – 100GB: 135TL with commitment or 165TL without commitment
  • Ten GB Mobile Wifi Modem at my home: 46.98 TL with commitment and 49.98 without commitment
  • 20GB with Mobile Wifi Modem for my Home: 36.72TL if I commit, 64.25TL if I don’t.
  • With commitment: 76.50 TRY, without commitment: 104.03 TRY.
  • With commitment: 132.59 TRY, without commitment: 170.33 TRY

Türk Telekom Home Portable Jet Wifi Package Prices

You can easily connect to the Internet from your phone, computer and other devices in the home by purchasing one of the Jet wifi internet packages.

The Jet wifi package price can be listed in the following manner:

  • 1GB Wifi Gradual Internet with 12-month commitment – 19 TL
  • 6GB Gradual WiFi Internet with 12 Months Commitment: 34 TL
  • Unlimited wifi internet for 12 months: 74 TL
  • gGB tiered internet wifi with 24 month commitment – 29 TL
  • Unlimited WiFi internet with a 24 month commitment: 64 TL

The modem is included in the prices. Device fees are not charged. So you do not pay extra device fees.

Türk Telekom Wifi Everywhere Portable Internet

Türk Telekom customers can access the internet from their homes, workplaces, hometowns and summer houses, as well as cafes, restaurants, airports and anywhere you can think of, if they start to receive Türk Telekom wifi service.

Customers do not have to purchase any type of modem or device.

Turk Telekom’s Wi-Fi network allows customers to connect their mobile phones, computers and tablets, as well as other devices, anywhere they want.

Turk Telekom customers who wish to use the internet anywhere can simply activate the wireless internet function on their smartphone, computer or tablet and connect to Turk Telekom’s network.

In addition to existing Türk Telekom customers, customers who subscribe to one of the other GSM operators can also benefit from this portable internet service.

Evimde Mobile Wifi Tariffs
Mobile WIFI

Committed Fee

No Commitment Fee

Home Mobile Wifi 10GB

19 TL*

29 TL**

Home Mobile Wifi 20GB

29.58 TL*

39 TL**

Home Mobile Wifi 50GB

64 TL*

84 TL**

Home Mobile Wifi 100GB

135 TL*

165 TL**

I Want to Get 10GB of Mobile WiFi at My Home

46 TL*

49.98 TL**

I Want to Get 20GB of Mobile WiFi at My Home

36.72 TL*

64.25 TL**

I Want to Get 50GB of Mobile WiFi at My Home

76.50 TL*

104.03 TL**

Get 100GB of Mobile WiFi at Home

132.59 TL*

170.33 TL**

Türk Telekom portable internet prices can be summarized as follows:

  • Türk Telekom Wifi 120 minutes per day: 7 TL
  • Türk Telekom daily unlimited package: 10 TL
  • Türk Telekom Additional 1GB Extra: 3 TL
  • Türk Telekom Wifi 60 minutes per day (valid at airports): 10 TL
  • Türk Telekom Wifi daily unlimited airport: 20 TL

Türk Telekom Mobile Wifi Tariff Prices

Postpaid customers who subscribe to one of Türk Telekom’s mobile wifi tariffs can connect to the internet from their phones, computers, different devices and anywhere they want.

Subscribers can select from two different packages.

Türk Telekom mobile wifi prices can be summarized as follows:

  • Price of 4.5GB Internet Data Package:

If you commit to a 12 month commitment, the monthly payment is 35 TL. For a 24 month commitment it’s 25 TL.

You can also get the same package with a modem without any commitment for 35 TL and 25 TL in 12-month installments.

  • Price of 10GB Internet Data Package:

The 10GB data internet package with modem can be purchased for 35 TL if you commit to a 12 month period and 45 TL if you commit to a 24 month period.

You can purchase this package for 35 TL when you sign a 12-month agreement, or 45 TL otherwise.

  • Pricing for 20GB Internet Packages:

Pay 69 TL a month for the 20GB package of internet data with a commitment of 12 months, or 59TL a month with a commitment 24 months.

The same package can be purchased for 59 TL per month without a modem, and 69 Tl without an obligation.

Turknet Portable Wifi Summer Internet Package

According to this campaign launched by Turknet, Türk Net customers can access the internet uninterruptedly during the summer months when they go on vacation or spend time in their own summer houses.

Turknet Summer Internet Service is available without a commitment and customers can withdraw from the campaign at any point without incurring any withdrawal fees.

They can also connect to the Internet very quickly.

Turknet summer portable Internet is available for only 85 TL a month.

Turknet offers a summer internet package that allows you to use internet for a period of time when you are in your hometown or at a summer home.

This article aims to inform you on the prices of portable internet with or without a commitment.

Please share with our readers your thoughts and suggestions on portable internet if you also receive this service.

What are the Portable Internet Pricing and Companies?

Prices for portable internet are based on speed and quota. Türk Telekom, Turkcell and Vodafone companies offer this service.

Where can I use portable internet?

Your internet can be used anywhere you pull your phone.

Is there portable unlimited internet?

Would you like to rate this article?

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