Line Transfer Fee and Duration 2023

Line Transfer Charge and DurationContinuing to provide information and answers about various topics, we will continue to do so. Many questions surround the process of line transfers. Line transfer is the act of transferring a phone line from you to someone else, or taking another line.

People who want to change the owner of the operator line they use often have questions about how the transfer works and the transfer fee. For the change of operator line ownership, a transaction fee and a certain procedure are charged.

In this article, I will try to answer the question of how to make Turkcell, Vodafone and Türk Telekom line transfer, line transfer fee and how much the line owner change fee is.

What is Line Transfer Transfer? Why do we line transfer?

Line owner changes is the procedure of transferring your line or the line registered to you.

Line ownership changes are usually made to transfer all rights to another person instead of closing the used line. Some line users choose to transfer their dedicated lines to a different person rather than closing the line to avoid a withdrawal fee.

You can also use the line on yourself, your family, your friends, or your acquaintances.

Turkcell, Turk Telekom, and Vodafone offer 1 GB of Free Internet

How to Transfer Lines

The person transferring and taking over the line must both be present. Identities must be shown during the transfer of a line. I would like to give you information about the change system of each operator for Turkcell, Vodafone or Türk Telekom line owner information change.

Turkcell Ownership can be changed by changing the Turkcell line owner

Turkcell does not accept line transfers from other companies. Both the transferor (the Turkcell customer) and the recipient (the Turkcell customer) must submit their own applications to Turkcell. Both the transferor (the transferee) and the transferee (the transferee) must sign and complete the line transfer declaration form.

The person who transfers line is responsible for all debts. The person who bought the line is responsible for any unpaid debts, commitments, or early cancellation fees.

Transferring Turkcell Line Registered under Your Name to Another Person

You can take the person who is taking over your line to any Turkcell Store. The only thing you will need to bring is your ID card, and the person who will be taking over the line will also be required to provide the subscription documents.

Documents needed by the person who will be taking over the line

If the line is pre-paid and the transferee would like to use the postpaid line, they must have a fixed bill for the past two months in their name.

You can take over a line with a death certificate at Turkcell stores.

How to change the owner of a Vodafone line

To transfer or take over the Vodafone line that you currently use, fill out the Line Owner Change Form in Vodafone stores and present your ID card.

When you make the transfer at Vodafone, it doesn’t matter if the service is prepaid or postpaid. Just be sure there are no outstanding debts.

How to Change Türk Telekom Line Owner

In the Türk Telekom line transfer process, whether it is a home phone, internet or mobile phone, the person who transfers and transfers the line with the identity card containing the T.C. Identity number must be provided.

You must make your applications for line transfer to Türk Telekom Communication Centers. Both parties must sign and fill out the transfer form in the request for transfer. The transferee is responsible for submitting the documents required to start a new subscription, and must also fill out a subscription agreement. Meanwhile, the transferor leaves only a photocopy.

This is a free service. On the first invoice, the Special Communication tax will be shown.

Documents Requested for Türk Telekom Line Transfer Process;

  • Photocopy of Transferor Identity* (Identity Card, Driver’s License and Passport)
  • Photocopy of ID* (Identity Card, Driver’s License and Passport)

How much is the line transfer fee 2023?

Taxes paid to the government are usually included in fees charged for line transfer transactions. Telsis licence fee, special communication fee and Telsis fee are deducted from prepaid and postpaid line balances. Turkcell, Vodafone and Türk Telekom line transfer fees;

Turkcell Line Transfer Fee

Turkcell charges no extra for line transfer. The first invoice will reflect taxes paid to government, the New Facility Special Communication tax, the TGM license fee and the TGM usage fees. For the transfer of Turkcell lines, you will be charged 35 TL on average.

Campaign to Port Numbers from Vodafone

Vodafone Line Transfer Charge

Postpaid Line Transfer

The invoice of the subscriber will reflect TL 92.86 in 12 installments, which is the SCT for the initial facility and the license fee.

The invoice of the subscriber will show TL 10,75, including all taxes and transfer fees.

Prepaid Line Transfer

Subscribers pay 27,86 TL cash. This amount is charged to the license fees arising from transfer fees.

The transfer fee is deducted as 10.75TL (including all taxes) from the total amount of TL that has been loaded onto the subscriber’s line.

Türk Telekom Line Transfer Fee

Türk Telekom line transfer is free of charge. No fee is charged for the person who transfers a line registered under my name. On the first invoice, the person transferring the line is charged Special Communication Tax. On your first invoice, you will see that Special Communication tax of 34.90TL is applied to the transfer.

How long does it take for a Line Owner to Change?

The line owner change process is immediate if both the transferor (the person transferring) and the recipient (the person being transferred to) apply at the communication center simultaneously with their ID cards. The line owner is changed on the same day.

After Line Transfer, Number Porting is Possible

The number porting process is normally not allowed for 90 days following a transfer or line owner change. After 90 days, your line can be transferred to another operator.

You can transfer the line to a new postpaid number. You must also wait 90 days before you can convert the postpaid to prepaid. Transfer fees will apply if there are any commitments on the line.

Answering the questionHow can I take someone else’s line and make it my own?It is no longer legal to take over someone else’s line. The owner of the line must be with the user in order to take it.

Who transfers the line?

The person who is transferring the line will then transfer it to the person taking over the line.

What documents are required for line transfer?

Both the transferor and transferee are required to apply at the communication center with a photocopy of their ID card.

How long does number transfer take?

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